What is Season of the Witch?

This is my #1 most frequently asked question (in fact, my -only- frequently asked question), so I thought the matter deserved it’s own separate page.

I started the Season of the Witch novelette series in October of  2013. I was very interested in the mechanisms of digital publishing and how the concept of serialized work (like many authors did in the past, publishing chapter-by-chapter in magazines and periodicals) could translate into our modern realm. It seemed to me that getting people interested over a long span of time would be an interesting way for a self-published author, such as myself, to gain exposure while still doing the writing I wanted to do. I plotted out 6 (then 10) short bursts of fiction that were to be released on the “anniversary” of the events in question.

This experiment proved to be confusing to readers and more time consuming than I planned. In my head I thought, “Oh, 5k words every other month until we reach the end should be a snap!” Then I remembered the other work that goes into putting out a quality piece of writing: editing, design, more editing, rewriting, etc. The time between editions began to stretch out and I started skipping plot points so that I could keep the “anniversary” concept working, which is not something I’m terribly proud of as an author. You have to know when to let go of concepts.

In August of 2015, when I realized I was not happy with the about to be released installment, I decided to put the experiment on hiatus until I could complete the entire story and release it as one volume that would not rely on a clever release structure, but instead on the quality of writing and an interesting story.

Because isn’t that what matters after all?

I do not yet have a final release date on this full compilation, but rest assured that it is coming within in the next year or so. Season of the Witch will reach its natural conclusion; you will find out what happens to Jaclyn, Cerise, Clarissa, Bethania, Alice, and the lot of them. The final battle between winter and the harvest is coming.