Writing at the Speed of Life

One of my mother’s favorite stories takes place when I was probably 2 years old, if not younger. We were at my grandfather’s deli and she was ready to leave. I, however, being small was moving slowly, distracted by what I could only assume were the ever so exciting sights and sounds of a small town deli. She was frustrated, but one of my grandfather’s customers smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry, things will speed up soon enough. Then you’ll wish that they stayed this slow.”

My mother enjoys relating this story every time I get frustrated with the pace of life: whenever I whine that things aren’t happening fast enough, I’m not making enough progress in my career or personal life, etc. I was never apt to listen because my life tends to move at a snail’s pace, but right now, I can not stop thinking about it.

Sideshow launches August 25th.  That date is so soon; I can’t even believe it. There is so much to get done before then! It’s exciting, but it’s also crazy making. I cannot believe that it is already June!

You guys don’t have to worry about that, though. You just get to sit back and enjoy as the ramp up to launch day begins. We’ve got a lot of interesting content on tap to get the party started, from snippets of research to backstory, deleted scenes, a Virtual Book Tour and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!


So many things are happening!

10 or so years ago, this was the time of year that my work began to wind down. As May drew to a close, I got to envision myself sitting on the patio with an iced coffee or eating fried Oreo cookies at Canal Days and taking road trips out to the lake for swimming and fireworks. It was time to take it easy for a couple of months. This year? Wow, are we kicking it into high gear instead or what?

First and foremost, Launch Day for Summer Love is fast approaching. I am beyond excited to share this amazing anthology with all of you. The talent, devotion and hard work expressed by my fellow authors as well as the entire publishing team at Interlude Press and Duet Books has completely blown me away and the finished product will do the same for you, I guarantee it. In order to prepare for the launch, all nine authors will taking part in a virtual book tour. It’ll be my first, so I’m a little nervous, but what fun, right? Stay tuned for a complete listing of the blogs where I and the others will be featured. And in the mean time, make sure to preorder your copy of Summer Love.

Second, the other anthology that I’m in won’t be launching until later this fall and I will have more details closer to launch day. However! Their authors are in midst of a Summer Blog Tour as well. They are a funny group, so you might want to check that out, especially if parenting humor is up your alley.

On the Season of the Witch front, we keep hitting audiobook snags, but I promise you guys it’s going to happen. We are working on it back here behind the scenes. I promise. Though, fyi, $5 Patreon subscribers will get first peeks when it does happen and the next novellette isn’t coming out until the end of July/ early August (depending on the editorial availability), so you’ll get a free month to just hang out a soak up the goodies. And,of course, the more people I have signed up the more likely I am to make goodies too. 😉

I’ve got a couple of other fun new things under my hat that I’m working on too. Can’t say much now, but it’s looking like we’re all in for some fun over the next while to come.

Oh! And, speaking of fun to come: one last thing, if you aren’t reading What Does Your Smile Say About You? you should be.

Goal Lists are Goal Lists, Belated or Not

Okay, so it’s a almost two weeks late at this point, but here we go! It’s a post that will probably be of no interest to the majority of you, but will hold me accountable to my goals (and who knows maybe you all will hold me accountable too): Housekeeping, [Writing] Resolutions and Goals for 2015!

Every so often I make about a million new years resolutions or write up a 101 in 1001 (which I’m actually considering doing again this year because I made a -few- too many new years resolutions), but then I forget to stick with them. Whoops. Then for a few years I don’t make any because “haha! Look at us fools and our arbitrary concept of time!” *shrugs* Anyway, I feel like this year you get the best of both worlds. I made a ton of resolutions and I’m writing them out two weeks late because…well… we’ll blame the arbitrary concept of time. I won’t bore you with all of them (at least not until I get the latest 101 in 1001 sorted out), but I figure this is as good a place as any to be accountable to writing goals.

  1. Submit and display more of my work publicly. 2014 ended on a bit of a high note for me. One of my short stories was accepted by Interlude Press for their Summer Love anthology. This was big news; partially because they’re a lovely bunch of people and they accepted my work, but also because it was the first thing I had submitted to a journal or anthology call since 2008. Yep… Rejection scares terrifies leaves me cowering in the corner of my room weeping before I’ve even submitted anything. It’s a tough world out there. This year, I’m going to try to choke down the fear and put more out there. Maybe There will be rejections. That’s a given in the creative world where everything one does is so utterly subjective. Still, if I don’t put myself out there, there’s also 0% chance that I will get to hear the worlds “Congratulations!”
  2. Speaking of rejections…last year I got a lot of “this isn’t for me”s in regard to The Black Guard Chronicles, which is unfortunate, but with the help of some lovely editors and workshoppers, I think I’ve got a plan of rewrite action, so I will be putting a lot of energy this year into getting those rewrites done and maybe someday Dosia and her crew will see the light of day.
  3. Season of the Witch seems to be moving along nicely, which I am definitely proud of. The seventh installment is on tap for my birthday (!) and the eighth (which features Clarissa – I bet you all thought I forgot about her, didn’t you?) should be available in mid April. I hope to release two, if not three, additional volumes this year, as well as begin work on a print edition. Now, of course, I shall shamelessly plug the patreon. I will continue Season of the Witch through to its natural end and all ebook versions will be free no matter what, but your support means the world to me and allows me to do more with the world.
  4. I will learn more about marketing this year…and actually implement what I learn. In the past, my marketing of my own work hasn’t been great. I tend to rely heavily on passive discovery, which I don’t really think works as well as I would like. Actually, I think this accounts for the lags in some areas (*cough*WDYSSAY?*cough*). This year, I want to try more active marketing, but don’t worry, I’m not going to be spamming you with “support my patreon!” “buy my book!” everyday. Anxiety gnaws at me even thinking about it.
  5. Finally, behind the scenes-wise, I’m playing around with a few new ideas, but nothing’s concrete enough yet to make a definite decisions. Just keep your eyes peeled.
  6. Oh! Also! I will update here more often. Maybe some stories. Maybe some poems. Maybe just some musings from yours truly. I promise this is actually going to happen this time.
stay tuned for the 101 in 1001

Brief Housekeeping Items from the Writer

  • I’m doing nanowrimo again this year, which is exciting. I’m working on a humorous (ish) blend of political satire, time travel, and zombies. So far I am two days ahead of par on my word count, but it is a bit of an incoherent mess, so there will be a lot of polishing come editing time. Never fear though, with some luck and writing gods willing (I mean we are only 7 days in), you’ll be reading Better Undead Than Red sometime in the fall of 2013.
    • PS if you’re doing nano and want a writing buddy, look up rosainverno, I’d be glad to have someone to keep me in check.
  • The first book in The Black Guard Chronicles is completed. I mean it. 100% completed. I still want it to be beta-read by someone, but I really think that it’s ready for the world and it’s time to stop stalling. I just have to make two critical decisions:
    • The current working title is The Black Guard Chronicles Book One: Dosia Blirski. That’s not catchy. I’m thinking of working up a poll or something for title ideas.
    • Do I want to query agents or do another Amazon deal? I’m not the world’s greatest marketer, but traditional publishing is super tough too.
  • I’m thinking of doing two web-based serials. One is my modernized update of A Christmas Carol which I started writing last year. It would be published on the writing blog over the course of December. The other is a graphic-novel-esque modern interpretation (with some significant changes to some of the stories, fyi) of The Decameron. I’m floating these two out there to see if there’s any interest.