Writing at the Speed of Life

One of my mother’s favorite stories takes place when I was probably 2 years old, if not younger. We were at my grandfather’s deli and she was ready to leave. I, however, being small was moving slowly, distracted by what I could only assume were the ever so exciting sights and sounds of a small town deli. She was frustrated, but one of my grandfather’s customers smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry, things will speed up soon enough. Then you’ll wish that they stayed this slow.”

My mother enjoys relating this story every time I get frustrated with the pace of life: whenever I whine that things aren’t happening fast enough, I’m not making enough progress in my career or personal life, etc. I was never apt to listen because my life tends to move at a snail’s pace, but right now, I can not stop thinking about it.

Sideshow launches August 25th.  That date is so soon; I can’t even believe it. There is so much to get done before then! It’s exciting, but it’s also crazy making. I cannot believe that it is already June!

You guys don’t have to worry about that, though. You just get to sit back and enjoy as the ramp up to launch day begins. We’ve got a lot of interesting content on tap to get the party started, from snippets of research to backstory, deleted scenes, a Virtual Book Tour and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!


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