So many things are happening!

10 or so years ago, this was the time of year that my work began to wind down. As May drew to a close, I got to envision myself sitting on the patio with an iced coffee or eating fried Oreo cookies at Canal Days and taking road trips out to the lake for swimming and fireworks. It was time to take it easy for a couple of months. This year? Wow, are we kicking it into high gear instead or what?

First and foremost, Launch Day for Summer Love is fast approaching. I am beyond excited to share this amazing anthology with all of you. The talent, devotion and hard work expressed by my fellow authors as well as the entire publishing team at Interlude Press and Duet Books has completely blown me away and the finished product will do the same for you, I guarantee it. In order to prepare for the launch, all nine authors will taking part in a virtual book tour. It’ll be my first, so I’m a little nervous, but what fun, right? Stay tuned for a complete listing of the blogs where I and the others will be featured. And in the mean time, make sure to preorder your copy of Summer Love.

Second, the other anthology that I’m in won’t be launching until later this fall and I will have more details closer to launch day. However! Their authors are in midst of a Summer Blog Tour as well. They are a funny group, so you might want to check that out, especially if parenting humor is up your alley.

On the Season of the Witch front, we keep hitting audiobook snags, but I promise you guys it’s going to happen. We are working on it back here behind the scenes. I promise. Though, fyi, $5 Patreon subscribers will get first peeks when it does happen and the next novellette isn’t coming out until the end of July/ early August (depending on the editorial availability), so you’ll get a free month to just hang out a soak up the goodies. And,of course, the more people I have signed up the more likely I am to make goodies too. 😉

I’ve got a couple of other fun new things under my hat that I’m working on too. Can’t say much now, but it’s looking like we’re all in for some fun over the next while to come.

Oh! And, speaking of fun to come: one last thing, if you aren’t reading What Does Your Smile Say About You? you should be.