Now Available: Falling Stone, Season of the Witch #5


I’ve had this one ready to go for awhile, but I’ve been nervous about publishing it. It’s the first book of the Patreon; there were some emotional glitches; etc, but Falling Stone  is an important part of the series because the overall story is starting to come together, even if the characters don’t realize it yet. I am excited to share it with all of you.

A few months ago, Henry Danvers, an accomplished food critic, published a scathing article dismissing Midwestern America as a “cultural wasteland”. Restaurant owner, Raymond Mooreland took umbrage to this and called Danvers’ bluff. Unfortunately for Henry this trip to Ohio has been set in the Book of Fates for some time. Or has it?

In this 5th installment of Season of the Witch, we meet a young man who is determined not to die and who has a few tricks up his sleeves that even he doesn’t realize. We also finally get to check in on Jaclyn’s new gig and see how things are going with some old friends we first met in Red.

The end of year one is upon us and exciting things are starting to happen in the Season of the Witch universe. Make sure to check out Falling Stone on Smashwords or where ever you get your ebooks. (I’m thinking of putting together a download section for the blog or something similar. Stay tuned for that)*




*And don’t forget about the Season of the Witch Patreon! Help me keep this series going!


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