Now Available: Red, Season of the Witch #4

CoverRedebookExciting News!

The next installment in the Season of the Witch series is available now on Smashwords and pretty much wherever you buy your ebooks!

Red tells the story of Clarissa LaRoux, a young nurse living in Detroit. One minute she is drinking coffee in her apartment in 1965; the next, she’s waking up in a hospital. It’s 48 years later, but she hasn’t aged a day.

With the help of her old school friend, Opaline, now in her mid seventies, she sets out to discover what happened to her and whether or not it had anything to do with the strange goblin that appeared at her window that fateful night.

Red, in true Season of the Witch fashion blends the trouble myth of Detroit’s very own lutin with the Eastern European legend of the fern flower and of course the brewing trouble between the witches of the Harvest and the Underland. It’s a can’t miss.

So get your copy today!




In other Season of the Witch  news, I am taking a serious look at the pricing for the series. I started off with both Jaclyn of the Lantern and Bethania’s Broomsticks in the 99 cent price bracket, but when I made Ides free (as it is significantly shorter than the other novelettes in the series), I was simply astounded at the number of downloads I got. In the past 30 days there have been 20 full copies of Ides sold and 0 of either of the two 99 cents books. There is also a definite uptick in sales of Ides since the release of Red, but not of the first two books, which I think shows to me that readers are interested in seeing the earlier installments of the series, but not paying for them. Even 99 cents.

This means I have decisions to make. I want to keep this series going and do a lot more with it (Graphic novels, art book reproductions of the family grimoires, a mythology based podcast, etc), so keeping the books all free hinders that; however, the numbers are clear: doing so may build the audience and fan base for the series, which is very important to me. I am definitely looking into the option of Patreon and if I do decide to go in that direction you will be hearing a lot more from me in the coming days/weeks about it. Until then, enjoy Red and don’t be shy about spreading the word about Season of the Witch. There are so many great things to come.


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