Now Available: Red, Season of the Witch #4

CoverRedebookExciting News!

The next installment in the Season of the Witch series is available now on Smashwords and pretty much wherever you buy your ebooks!

Red tells the story of Clarissa LaRoux, a young nurse living in Detroit. One minute she is drinking coffee in her apartment in 1965; the next, she’s waking up in a hospital. It’s 48 years later, but she hasn’t aged a day.

With the help of her old school friend, Opaline, now in her mid seventies, she sets out to discover what happened to her and whether or not it had anything to do with the strange goblin that appeared at her window that fateful night.

Red, in true Season of the Witch fashion blends the trouble myth of Detroit’s very own lutin with the Eastern European legend of the fern flower and of course the brewing trouble between the witches of the Harvest and the Underland. It’s a can’t miss.

So get your copy today!




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Social Media and My Writing Process.

Social media and I have a fraught relationship.

I’m probably the only introvert on the planet who actually finds internet social interacts more draining than in person social interactions. I wish I could explain what exactly it is about posting a facebook status that makes me queasy, but there it is.

Unfortunately, this twitchy little problem makes self-promotion (a must for an author or creator of any kind in this day and age) all the more difficult. It makes a lot of things difficult actually: from keeping up with groups I am part of (“Didn’t you see the facebook event?”) to knowing what’s going on with my friends. I realize I bring this isolation on myself. It just makes me wonder sometimes if there are ways that I can wade back into the waters of social media and self promotion without completely falling apart.

I haven’t used facebook regularly since ~2008. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, which is sad as I was an early adopter after all. Twitter gives me information overload, despite lists and filters, and Tumblr is getting to that point as well.

So fellow writers, I want to hear from you because I need some serious help getting back on board in this arena. How you use social media to leverage your online presence?