Rejection and Making Decisions

I’m currently in that “just moved” limbo. I turned over the keys to my old place today. Things are all -in- the new place, but mostly strewn about. Slowly, they’re getting into a settled order, but I find myself having to make a lot of decisions about what goes where. In the old place the coffee mugs had a place automatically. Of course I put the coffee mug on the second shelf in the cabinet to the right of sink. They’ve always gone on the second shelf in the cabinet to the right of the sink. Well…now there is no cabinet to the right of the sink! The horror.

I can, however, go to IKEA and, semi-homemade style, build my own cabinet to house the coffee mugs and sundry other currently homeless home-goods.


I have queried The Black Guard Chronicles to ten agents since January and have gotten back nary a word aside from a few form rejections. Let me tell you, years of religiously following the Query Shark has given me the strange belief that a form rejection means that you have in some way offended the agent, so that doesn’t help matters much.  I know that The Black Guard Chronicles is good. I believe in this series. Unfortunately, it seems like there is no shelf to the right of the sink. The question becomes now: do I build one?