Brief Housekeeping Items from the Writer

  • I’m doing nanowrimo again this year, which is exciting. I’m working on a humorous (ish) blend of political satire, time travel, and zombies. So far I am two days ahead of par on my word count, but it is a bit of an incoherent mess, so there will be a lot of polishing come editing time. Never fear though, with some luck and writing gods willing (I mean we are only 7 days in), you’ll be reading Better Undead Than Red sometime in the fall of 2013.
    • PS if you’re doing nano and want a writing buddy, look up rosainverno, I’d be glad to have someone to keep me in check.
  • The first book in The Black Guard Chronicles is completed. I mean it. 100% completed. I still want it to be beta-read by someone, but I really think that it’s ready for the world and it’s time to stop stalling. I just have to make two critical decisions:
    • The current working title is The Black Guard Chronicles Book One: Dosia Blirski. That’s not catchy. I’m thinking of working up a poll or something for title ideas.
    • Do I want to query agents or do another Amazon deal? I’m not the world’s greatest marketer, but traditional publishing is super tough too.
  • I’m thinking of doing two web-based serials. One is my modernized update of A Christmas Carol which I started writing last year. It would be published on the writing blog over the course of December. The other is a graphic-novel-esque modern interpretation (with some significant changes to some of the stories, fyi) of The Decameron. I’m floating these two out there to see if there’s any interest.

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