Women in Baseball History: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today’s woman in baseball history is a little bit different, mainly because she is fictional. She might not be well known, but Katie Casey* [and in later versions Nelly Kelly]’s infamous plea to her beau for a date that she would enjoy has become the anthem of baseball the world over.

This song was written in 1908 by Tin Pan Alley composers Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer and it proved to be huge hit on the Vaudeville circuit, with audiences excitedly singing along to the chorus’s plea.

It has since become one of the most well known American songs, sung at almost every baseball game; a song about one young woman’s great love for the sport of baseball.

*A story written later by Sports Illustrated writer Frank Deford posits that Katie Casey is the daughter of The Mighty Casey from Casey At The Bat.

[Women in Baseball History is a weekly feature in honor of my book The Legend of League Park, which will be released in April.]


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