They so love taunting me…

Quite frankly, I’d be remiss if I let it pass entirely without mention. After all, nothing really sums up my life’s dilemma’s quite so succinctly. I mean, of course, the OSU vs. UofM football game.

Sure, I’ve always been more of a baseball fan, but I challenge anyone to grow up in a small town where football rivalry with your neighboring city is a way of life and try not to get affected by it. Then, I further challenge you to do as I have done, balk tradition, and go to the opposite school. It has led to more than one entertaining family gathering with my uncle showing off his OSU fight song cheese grater, forcing me to produce my “Hail to the Victors” ringtone, and finally my aunt (a OSU and MState grad, double hatred there) to sing a satirized version.

I spent the weekend itself working on the multitude of projects that graduate school has bequeathed me, but I have to admit part of me was hoping that just maybe the rabid little rodents would pull it off. I could tell by the cries of despair from the apartment upstairs that I am in for yet another holiday season of riddicule.