Of course it’s not raining now…

High off the emotional drop of -not- seeing the Tiger’s trounce the Twinkies last night or today, (Curse you rain! Curse you job! I’ll never have seats that good again. *frowns*) I believe it may be time to fill you in on some lovely developments in the world of my writing.

First of all, it would appear that while my public speaking tends to be full of mishaps (e.g. my inability to adjust the microphone correctly, and thus having to lean into it the whole of the reading), my poetry was in fact well received. I was a little flabergasted as to how well received, in fact. I was actually asked to submit to another journal. Personal asked. I most fully intend to.

I feel like I’m showing off by stating this, but it’s nice to be able to keep the little rejection and self doubt monsters at bay for a while.

Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the September issue of the Ambassador Poetry Project (AmbassadorPoetry.com ). It includes work by some fantastic Michigan and Ontario poets, all of which are well worth the read. This area, as I’ve been saying about here and Ohio for ages, has so much more creative talent than people seem willing to give credit for. This journal is yet more proof of that marvelous fact.

Even if my parents were a little baffled by the solely digital format.

And finally, Go Tigers. If my boys can’t win the AL Central, you boys better!


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