A Blog? For now…

Like any good Converse All-star wearing teenager who had a “hard time of it” (who didn’t?) in high school. I have long kept (And when I say long kept, I mean going on six years now) an online journal — I also kept, and will continue to keep as I find myself moderately addicted to the process, a paper journal. Both are quite resplendent in their contents.

However, as I grow into the fascinating twenty-something I find myself considered (and believe me, it’s completely awkward to be suddenly considered an adult, when I still look in the mirror and see the “Converse All-star wearing teenager who had a hard time of it in high school”), I was confronted with a dilemma. I was still stuck on becoming a professional writer/ creative type. Every once and while people had told me I had a knack for the thing and, well, it’s nice to get the ego padded every once and awhile. It’s bad when the idea sticks though…at least it was for me, now doomed to aspire to the career of traveling minstrel.

And! With everyone saying that in order to achieve this bizarre-if-you-take-ten-seconds-to-think-about-it goal, you have to have a “web presence” aka a blog, this disaster happened. So…what exactly is this?

Well, officially it’s my “writing” blog and narcissistic form of self-validation and marketing. I’m also quite a few things other than a writer (as many tend to be the random thing or two), so those might crop up too on occasion. For example, I was born and raised and spent 99.9% of my life in a little heart-shaped state woefully attached to Lake Erie and now I find myself a graduate student at the University of Michigan. Ever seen those old ESPN “If it wasn’t for sports, this wouldn’t be disgusting” commercials? Life is just full of those dichotomies, isn’t it?

I’m also a librarian of the “old school” aka archival science student aka weird person who gets all teary-eyed about really old junk, but oppositionally also a systems librarian who finds herself programming, coding, statisticing and databasing a surprisingly large amount of her time. I even know Python and Java, something I try not to admit to my poor father who programed with COBOL.

I could go on with the duality. I’ll spare you.

And so, the introduction post is over for now. Maybe I’ll delve into my actual writing and other such things shortly. Because that’s exactly what the world needs: another blog from an aspiring authoress. I can only promise you that mine will contain occasional urban decay and far fewer sparkly things…unless it’s sparkly urban decay. Move along, folks, nothing more to see here. Seriously.